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Makaa Tosha – Premium Briquettes

Save trees, save lives

Ever thought of how unbearable life would be without a reliable source of domestic energy? Imagine having to eat uncooked food, take a cold shower or having no means of keeping warm on those chilly days.

While we all aspire for the clean and convenient forms of domestic energy such as gas and electricity, these sources are not always affordable, accessible and neither are they appropriate for certain uses. Imagine using gas to roast your nyama choma or that occasional boiling of cereals.

Charcoal has all along been a key source of our domestic energy for many households in Kenya. Unfortunately, due to the escalating effects of climate change we cannot afford to continue felling trees for charcoal and must look for alternatives that serve the same need but with minimal impact on the environment. The reason we bring you Makaa Tosha - premium briquettes made mainly from waste biomass.

Makaa Tosha can be used for your day to day coking using your ordinary jiko, for barbeque (nyama choma), tandoori ovens and for general heating.


Why Makaa Tosha


As much as we like to use charcoal, where we source it and the manner in which it is packaged is not always as appealing as you would like. We bring to you neatly packaged Makaa Tosha, that you can pick from the supermarket shelves or a grocery store near you. 

Value for money 

Due to its compact nature, Makaa Tosha burns longer than the ordinary charcoal. This means that you spend less on fuel and save your money for other pressing needs, like food and other household needs. You do not need to spend all your money on fuel and have nothing to cook with it. 

Clean and fresh 

Your food need to be made in an environment that is clean and safe from harmful effects of smoke and bad odours. Makaa Tosha does not emit smoke or any odours that may affect the quality of your food or the cleanliness of your kitchen. Makaa Tosha comes in pellet-like shape that is easy to handle without soiling your hands while breaking it down. 

Friendly to the environment 

We all have experienced the adverse effects of climate change such as extreme weather conditions, drought, water shortage etc, most of which have resulted from human activities, key among them - destruction of forests. We need to protect the world for our own good and the future our children. Start using Makaa Tosha today and stand to be counted as among those working to save our planet.


Makaa Tosha

Save trees, save lives



What We Do

At Ecocare Africa, offering sustainable environmental solutions is at the heart of what we do. Ecocare Africa offers a wide range of services in environmental compliance, sustainability consulting, training and research. Our solutions are delivered in the context of our values of passion, professionalism, quality and timeliness. Ecocare Africa is registered as a Firm of Experts by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

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